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Hi, I have a question that must be silly.

how can I do to round values in a variable,

val # = 0.29382918
I want it to be val # = 0.29

I want to do a function, where I have the variables only with 2 decimal places.

Is there a simple way or command to do it?

my brain is refusing to create such a function.

Would you give me some tip where to start?

i want something like this

print "lat : " + round(variable_latitud#,2)     

2 is the precision i want to see, but without modify my variable

You can't.  Floating point numbers don't have that level of accuracy, and you'll (most of the time) end up with something like 0.2899999999.  And that goes for every language - not just the Blitz stuff.

If you do need 100% accuracy to two decimal places for display purposes, then the best way is to store the whole number and the decimal part as two separate integers.

Sure, but I only want to round the numbers so that they are easy to read, that they only have 2 decimal places for example.

i make this one, but dosent work like i want :)

--- Code: ---Function round#(variable#,decimales)

dec# = (variable# - Int(variable#))*10
dec# = Int(dec)

dec# = (Left(dec,decimales+1))
dec# = dec# *.1

variable# = Int(variable#) + Float(dec#)

Return variable#

End Function
--- End code ---

i add some round with a precition of .01, but i need  to work more to find a solution.

--- Code: --- If Abs(variable - Int(variable)) < .01 Then
variable# = Int(variable)
End If

--- End code ---


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