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Struct Based Room Fading and Switching with Gamemaker Studio 2.3?


Is there anyone here who uses GMS2.3 that can help me figure out how to implement something like diddy's screen framework to GMS2.3? I'm willing to pay someone to get it done but the problem with that is that I learn and achieve nothing and should said developer disappear I'd be left standing alone in the rain.

Not sure what you're asking for here. When I googled it I found Diddy's is a MonkeyX game framework, by the looks of it. But you're asking for a transition system for fading the screen?

Yep, basically a transition system. The thing is the two languages differ in how they do things. I ended up coding my own which was a pile of spaghetti code crap so I bought a transition system off the market place which does things elegantly enough for my needs.


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