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[Bmx] Hidden Deep has an ALPHA-DEMO - TRY IT NOW! :)

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Sorry for creating another topic for Hidden Deep but I just forgot to add information about the demo on previous one and was afraid that nobody will notice that.

So here is alpha-demo link for PC-Windows, all made in Blitzmax Vanilla:

Fell free to share your thoughts and feedback. Enjoy! 

And if you didn't read previous topic, here is the trailer:

Looks and plays great, definetly will buy this when it's released

Really liking this so far.  I got stuck on the second part with the Terrascanner, though.

It told me to use it at the locations marked on my map, but I don't see anything on there so I didn't really know where to go.

[edit] Found a bug.

Figured out where to go by myself, and used the Terrascanner/bombs.  Got to the bit where you find out you can use the grappling hook as a zip line.  I was stood on the very edge of the platform when I did it, hit [enter], and the guy "stapled" it in mid-air (it was a good 20 pixels or so to the right of the platform, but it stayed there), then I automatically fell off the platform into a pit full of water before I had a chance to do anything else.

Had to restart the level as I couldn't figure out how to use the zip line after that (I fell into the pit a further eight times, trying to work it out), as I missed the rest of the instructions.  ::)

[edit again] What are you meant to do when you're out of ammunition?  I did spot what looked like some ammo boxes early-on, but I couldn't get to them because a massive snake thing came out of the ceiling and got me.  I haven't seen any ammo boxes since (though I have learned you can get passed the ceiling snakes by swinging past using the grappling hook).

As it stands I'm far into the second part, closing in on some dude with a tracking beacon, but I'm out of ammo and things keep killing me because I have nothing to fight back with.  That's gonna be a problem.

I played a few and the gameplay is great. Reminds me the good old days of "Another World"  8)
The keys are a bit annoying on a french keyboard tough. I tried to change the settings but it did not work.
An option to use the cursor keys would be welcome.

Had a go at this and really enjoyed it. The opening screen and menu presentation are superb, and the ambient background sounds throughout really add to the atmosphere - as does the limited in-game light - brilliant.

I know it's often standard keyboard mapping, but I found WASD a bit awkward when trying to combine it with LSHIFT and R - the ability to map movement to the cursor keys (I got the message they were "binded ["bound"?] to the camera" when I tried) would be good.

I found the on-screen help messages easy to miss during my early attempts to play - some sort of overall help screen (maybe via the ESC menu?) would be useful for hopeless cases like me - sadly I couldn't for the life of me work out how to avoid/kill that ruddy alien tentacle thingy in the ceiling so didn't get very far...

Absolutely fantastic work - I will definitely be buying this when it's released - even if I am totally rubbish at playing it!  :)


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