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Greetings friends....

I have started work/planning/design etc on a fantasy rts for desktop pc (not browser based).

As a test I have put together a simple animated knight character (hand drawn) and am wondering do I go for the small, medium or large scale as the finished product when in game?

(I like the mid sized one....)

yup - I'd go for the middle size too :)

as a general rule I stick to sizes of 8
so 32x32, 40x40, 48x48, 56x56, 64x64 and so on

Your middle one is sorta around the 48-64 size. so pick the size that works best.

good suggestion for your style would be to work at double the resolution and then scale down - that way you have the ability to remove or add pixel outlines and it will look sharper :)

Thanks Adam.

Maybe you want to have at least a bit "different" scales for footmen and horsemen and dragons etc ... so pay attention to that.

Else it can look pretty "odd" if the unit on a horse is scaled down so that the horse has the same width than the foot soldier ... think you know what I mean.


Here's a quick thing i knocked up for you

gives you the isometric grid and 2d grid - watch your scales and lines. the isogrid is great for getting stuff right.

focus on doing one thing completely superbly. say a great dungeon. just your figure and exploring. no overworld, just get the character moving with perfect collision, etc. make him fluid and fun to move :)

next would be to add a chair or block and make him move around it with proper depth sorting

Start small... wink


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