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Match 3 - Puzzle Wars Armageddon v1

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Good Day to you....

I present a Windows game Puzzle Wars Armageddon:

C# Version Download:

(standalone executable - does not need .NET)

Written in C#

Graphics purchased from craftpix

Some graphics done by me.

Same mechanic as my other game...

I must have been inspired by this video:

at 0.20 the guy moves the pieces - NOT by pressing in between them and magically swapping... but by selecting the first one then selecting the one to move to. Does this mean anything to you?

Yes....but then we've already had this discussion.

so why post a video that shows what EVERYONE:
A - wants
B - expects
C - YOU don't give a SH*T about

And then you keep whining on about why 'no one likes my games', etc

I am going to say it again - THIS IS A TERRIBLE MECHANIC!

Listen, observe and learn!


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