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Hidden Deep is on Steam!

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finally I have Steam page for my Blitzmax game Hidden Deep. It's still WIP but you may now wishlist it if you like :)

Also I have the first "real trailer". Here it is (steam link is below video):


Wow looks fantastic. Brilliant teaser, great animation. Loved the homage to The Thing at the end and all the action/death sequences.

Have you seen Carrion? Hidden Deep ooks to have far more depth. Good luck!

P.s. Why did it take 681 days for the rescue?  :D

Steve Elliott:
I remember Gfk tipping us off about this game at the old Blitz Website.  It looked fantastic then and now with a more horror film twist, it looks even better.

Added to my wishlist on Steam.


--- Quote from: STEVIE G on August 27, 2020, 05:08:53 PM ---P.s. Why did it take 681 days for the rescue?  :D

--- End quote ---

Facility lies at a depth of 9700m so it is difficult to get there :)

just effin brilliant :)


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