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Fantastic Action Fishing Game - With Fish And Action

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I've released a demo of my very first AGK project today on my itch page. It's a nod to the old flash games I've played during school (and admittedly work  :)) ). Quirky artstyle, arcady and some light leveling up mechanics. You can check it out here:

Currently it is Windows only, although AGK is very flexible, so I will see where I go from there.

I would love to hear what you think.

really nice graphics :)

here's a thought for you:
The timer (top of the screen) attached to the line. Make it start far right, and move left across the screen with the number. for added points - make the fishing rod 'reel/handle' turn as well... Would look super cool  8)

Steve Elliott:
Nice graphics, a similar art style to 'Day of the Tentacle'.  Will give it a try...

Thanks, the graphics are the only thing I am not responsible for, though  :))

Good idea with the moving timer, I will implement the functionality. Do you mean moving the handle of the HUD?

I implemented your suggestion, but it's a bit rough around the edges, because the artist needs to adjust the graphics a bit. I might add linear interpolation to smooth out the movement later down the line.


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