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Daydream Mosaics Released

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After a long struggle, the first game I programmed myself has been released at  It's made in Blitzmax Vanilla and I ported it to MacOS using Blitzmax NG.

Thanks to all the people who've been helping me along the way, especially Derron.

I cannot remember to have helped (so much)? Maybe talking about someone else.

Great you shipped a game.

PS: umatrix blocks access to gamehouse, ublock blocks almost any content on the website ... ouch :D
Firefox (and chrome) do just drop a notice in the center, that the game requires Windows to run ...

My android phone browsers get "connection refused" messages ...

Windows 10 - Chrome: redirects to website each time ... but it seems to work in "internet explorer"

Might you add some screenshots / youtube video .... stuff to your post? So we can have a look without above's issues?


Hi Ashmoor, great looking game you have there. No problems to reach your site with Chrome on Windows 10 Pro.

As edited in: was able to watch the video with the "internet explorer" on Windows 10 ...

Looks pretty polished ... Only had one thing catching my eyes (in this quick glance): some buttons seem too "narrow" for the content ("Set Wallpaper" already covers the decoration element of the Button). Dunno if localization is planned (maybe in the "Deluxe" edition? :D) but if so: ensure buttons can be wider in certain cases.

And the Buttons "HINT" and "MENU" are All-Caps, while the other buttons are "normal cased" (with first char being Uppercase). The other buttons show the "nice font" while the upper-case almost look like some defaultfont :)
(Do not get it wrong - it is just a little nit picking on what I saw immediately when glancing through the video)

Good luck with sales and hopefully some encouraging user feedback.


Steve Elliott:
Looks very pretty, congrats.


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