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The framework that I was slowly building while working on our space packs and games now has a name… it’s called… Wait for it… Ignition for Unity!

How original 😉

The framework is a collection of handy component scripts, templates, assets for quick prototyping (library of graphics, music and sound effects).

Ignition is not available separately yet but is included with the Space Shooter Art Packs 1 & 2.

For now it’s mainly used to showcase our graphics and make them come to life but I have started with making short tutorial video’s and once these are at a certain level I will release the framework as a separate product.

Some of the Ignition features are

- Player Controller Types like Swipe, ZigZag, WASD, Rocket (and more in the future)
- Bullet Spawner
- Object Pooler
- Sprite Collider
- Simple Space Shooter Enemy AI
- Optimized 2D Particle System (uses the object pooler)

And more...

Here is the first video I created showing how to create a heat seeking missile following the player with Ignition.

I intend to create a lot of video's like these. I used to hate the idea to use Unity. Look at me know. I have no backbone ;)

To see what Ignition can do look at demo 1 and demo 2

Demo's work best on a desktop due to the fact that these specific demo's need a keyboard for the controls

Further updates will be posted here!

I you can't wait for the separate release you can get it by purchasing one of our space shooter art packs available here

Just a little (very little) side note: When doing animations in videos they might "jitter" or look not "smooth". This is especially important for horizontal movement like your "animated in/out of text annotations". The same effect can be seen in western movies shot at ~24fps - when they rotate the camera to record a landscape view it has to be done veeeery slowly to avoid this "lagging" / "not smooth" appearance.

So for all _not_ 60fps youtube videos you might bedder animate in/out the texts a bit different.

As said ... only a little side note (albeit elaboratively explained/described).

Good Luck with your unity business.


Derron if I understand what you're saying, a way to fix that for artificial overlays like scrolling text etc. is to use a motion blur effect on that element.

This framework seems to be a big helper. Best of luck with sales!

Even motion blur won't help much in all cases (as it might look like "ghost effects"). Think (did not cross check with the wisdom of the internet) you need to ensure a movement <24px/s - (maybe a bit more - depending on the resolution).

But I do not want to derail the thready any further.



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