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Author Topic: We Render Mostly at night......  (Read 394 times)

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We Render Mostly at night......
« on: May 03, 2020, 06:11:18 AM »
Well, was up a couple of hours ago finishing off Chapter 4 of a Cisco course... TCP/IP, OSI 7 layer model... deep joy.

Anyway - to treat myself after cracking chapter 4 - Thought I'd render my 5Km run with my daughter yesterday - there might 'only' be 90 feet of elevation, but trust me - it hurt!

Just worked out how to apply a texture (map) to the rendered height image - I like how the red from the texture bleeds into the 'mountains'.

Briefly tried programmatically to rotate the texture to synch with the route - going to cheat and just rotate the texture in paint ;)

[edit] Think next task would be to resize the texture as its applied to the landscape, rotate it and move it via some UI buttons. I need to dig into the the AGK examples to suss how to do this, then save the textures attributes to a text file.

Unless anyone has experience of coding similar stuff in AGK, still quite new to AGK and Cisco is stealing my coding mojo for another 5 weeks or so..... ;)

Here she is, the .tcx file (a bespoke GPS file) rendered into 3D:


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