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Author Topic: A Knight's War - NOT a REBOOT entry (but a reboot anyway)  (Read 467 times)

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A Knight's War - NOT a REBOOT entry (but a reboot anyway)
« on: April 06, 2020, 12:58:04 AM »
Greetings peoples again.

This morning I went over the graphics for my first competition entry 'A Knight's War' and redid them in a particular style, to see how it looked.

You can see the results below and on my web page (games tab http://www.mattiesgames.com )

This is the look I've gone for as a new way of drawing it.

It's more painted style than it was before, deliberately so (I know, I know Derron  hates that)

But I wanted to play around with it...see how easy it was to reskin the game and simply do an entirely different set of graphics for the same game.

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Re: A Knight's War - NOT a REBOOT entry (but a reboot anyway)
« Reply #1 on: April 06, 2020, 07:37:04 AM »
just one thing. GET RID OF THE CURSOR! ;D

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Re: A Knight's War - NOT a REBOOT entry (but a reboot anyway)
« Reply #2 on: April 06, 2020, 07:54:54 AM »
(I know, I know Derron  hates that)

I like paintings ... but as stated previously already: for game art some rules need to be applied.

So in your game case above the sprites need some "outlines" to pop out more. And no - I am not talking about some fake glow with black color - but proper outlines (must not be black - can be a black multiplied on top of existing non-outlined sprites with an opacity of 25%). This is required as your paintings do not have much color-depth (a properly shaded ball does not need an outline to look "3d round" when scaled down). So if you want a more "flat" look, outlines will help. Draw them on the paintings on a new layer so you can play with the intensity to your likes.

I understand the idea of "it should look as if it was a single painting". But for this your sprites need to be drawn "similar" when it comes to original size and relative proportion (so a ring on the sheet of paper does not fill it in whole while the hero is drawn equally sized). Why is this important? Just check out some of the units on the screens: some have slight black outlines. Some miss it because of the scaling. So in unscaled (original size) elements like outlines/dark-borders need to be similar sized/width.

Why am I writing this? As this will lead to a more consistent look - stuff shares "basic principles" and so looks more coherent.

What else... outlines help stuff "staying" during scale-downs. If you draw your eyes without an slight outline - or proper shaded surroundings, they will merge with the face on scale-down. If you now scale down so much that the eyes would become <1 pixel, the only thing staying is a slight brighter face. With outlines and proper shadow the face should be more "face-like" (for our human brains) even when only consisting of 6*7 pixels.

Also you need to make sure to "overemphasize" certain stuff like light/shadow a bit ... to make stuff a slight bit more "plastic" in the sense of 3D/depth. Just check out the trees ... a bit more light/shadow and they would not look so overly flat. Your creature units loose a bit of flatness by multiple elements: arms overlapping the body, multiple creatures in a group , ...

Please give it a try - if it does not work for you, then ok, but maybe you are surprised and happy to have tried it as it improves the visual apparence.

Aside of that - and with less words: Do what YOU want, keep up with the creativity you have. I just want you to become better and better so that I (and others) somewhen need to approach to you when it comes to "I need some assets, could you please..." :D



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