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Author Topic: QasarBeach 1.29 released  (Read 456 times)

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QasarBeach 1.29 released
« on: March 09, 2020, 08:16:54 AM »
    Ohhh.... It's that time again. A new release.
    This time around it focusses on user feedback.

Something which should be of interest to all of us here is .wav output (PAGE 2, Save, .wa)

Remember that QasarBeach has full harmonic sound creation, noise, etc, plus all the filters and other sound options to create and edit sound with no source material if you desired,,,

And along with PAGE A live recording of output, you can use QasarBeach to load, mangle rerecord samples and then save them as wavs for use in your projects.

There no big how to files this time around, you just need to have a peek at the change list:

alt/ctrl/shift + 8 lowers octave
alt/ctrl/shift + 9 raises octave
PAGE K help text added to keyboard Re above additions
PAGE A max volume indicators added
PAGE T now correctly displays 'T' not 't'
PAGE A SYNC record added to UI
PAGE A pressing record will start and 'STOP' record
improved normalization to prevent overrun clicks
added .eb1 (emulator 1 library) file support
PAGE S added default screen sizes 1 to 8
Emulator 2 .dms file support added
Emulator 3 .e4b file support added
keyboard release note in polyphony corrected, so top note is not 'held'
PAGE 4 harmonic drawing now has additional smoothing to prevent drops/jumps in a drawn line
PAGE 4 harmonic drawing area now slighty inset to aid drawing
PAGE 4 loop drawing now inset
internal song playback fixes
PAGE S added tv color to output options - this allows for mono color
output settings now have extended color and mono options (via shaders)
TV mode now has improved mouse position tracking
song clock doubled to improve timing
song timing being changed to help timing
synth engine samples reduced from 1024 to 256 to attempt to improove timing
ver 1.19a
PAGE 3 TRIM crash protection added
PAGE R ^ re-instated
wav export minor correction in pitch[/li][/list]


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