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Warlock - an update on my competition entry 'The Young Prince'

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One of the competition entries a while ago I entered was 'The Young Prince' (on my website).

I received feedback from this site and others about the game (and it was one of my better entries as well).

I've decided to modify the game into a new version called 'Warlock' which will have the following features:

1. Single character player not four characters.
2. Character begins more powerful and has access to both magic and melee abilities right from the start.
3. Graphical updates - still mostly static graphics but I'm altering the palette used and the drawings.
4. More adventures/quests.
5. More spells.
6. General improvements all around.

Here are some screenshots from what I've done so far (after a few hours work)

Graphics modified so far:

A bit more done after dinner....

Okay..this morning I did the following:

Added dialog boxes for communication with either a simple 'Yes No' confirm option or an 'Ok' option.

The dialog boxes allows for a picture, text or an avatar to be shown as well.

It is currently used in towns to either purchase new spells or food.

That's the other thing - food has been added. The player's food runs out as they travel over the overland map.

When the food reaches zero they fight less effectively in dungeons (basically all their dice rolls are rerolled and the worst result is chosen of the two).

Here are some images:

Gambling and highway robbery added....


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