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Author Topic: Blitz3d vs PureBasic  (Read 519 times)

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Blitz3d vs PureBasic
« on: February 08, 2020, 02:33:45 PM »
I have used both Blitz3d and  PureBasic  but don't remember too much about Blitz3d as it was a couple of years ago, I did get on with it though and it understood the way I program . Anyway does anybody know which is the fastest of the two . This is just because I would like to know . I only wrote 1 simple game in Blitz3d but it got the ball rolling and a couple of months later invested in AGK2 then 18 months later swapped over to PureBasic for the speed really . In between had a brief spell of Python that although I liked was gonna take me too long to learn with the addition of Panda3d which is necessary for 3d programming . I did look into using AGK with python but didn't really see the point going from Tier 1 AGK to AGK python . About the same speed I should imagine . Also did not like the AGK python documentation which was not so straight forward and easy to understand as AGK2 Tier 1 documentation.
 I think I may have found my own Holy Grail of  a desktop programming language in Pure Basic but I'm always open to new possibilities . Just released my latest game on itch.io called phaser written in PureBasic. Now  in between projects but intend to start a new one in the next couple of weeks . If I can come up with some new ideas . I think I've got to think of some epic game instead of small programs and do something big . Happy coding . 
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