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A piece of short fiction
« on: November 11, 2019, 04:26:14 AM »
A piece of short fiction written this morning in an angry moment.

Enjoy. .


The little boy who grew up to become a necromancer

There once was a little boy named Jack who was bullied in the schoolyard.

During his time at school the other boys and girls poked and prodded him often.

When he retaliated it was he who got in trouble.

He tried to tell his teachers, but they sided with the bullies, and would not listen to him.

Then he tried to tell his parents, but his parents said that his bullies were his friends, not enemies and would not do such things.

So the little boy grew angry. He could not get justice against his bullies, by either his teachers or his parents.

As he gained years and the bullying did not cease he decided to take a letter to the police.

The police did not listen, and merely laughed in his face.

So the little boy grew more angry. And with time became very upset with people who had bullied him.

He joined Amnesty International and wrote letters in his teenage years to world leaders asking them to release political prisoners.

However, he had an ulterior motive. He simply wanted to get to know them and be known by them so he could ask a favour when the time was right.

Jack wrote to Vladimir Putin, asking him to nuke his home town.

Vlad wrote back "Sorry Jack, we don't destroy whole cities, but if you have a more direct target we can send some KGB Assassins?"

Jack was disappointed.

So Jack wrote to Kim Jong Un asking the same.

Kim Jong Un wrote a letter back, which Jack put through Google Translate. It said "Sorry Jack, our nuclear weapons don't reach your city yet. But give us a few more years and they might."

Jack was disheartened again.

So he wrote to another few world leaders and got similar responses.

Jack decided upon finishing school to study Science and especially Nuclear Physics himself.

He was a smart boy and learned quickly. However, he had other plans than working in the Science field.

When Jack left university he became a mortician's assistant. His job was to prepare the dead bodies for burial or cremation. However, his scientific learning had taught him well.

Every body that was prepared for burial was checked for a pacemaker. Jack knew that pacemakers carried a tiny amount of Plutonium, the fuel needed for a dirty nuclear bomb.

So, as time went by Jack collected a vast arsenal of Plutonium over many years of work in the mortuary.

One day, the time was right. Jack changed jobs.

He decided to work on the railroads.

Working on the railroads gave him access to small detonators that were used to alert workers on approaching trains.

Appropriating a few of these detonators for himself gave him the necessary tools to create his own mini nuclear bomb.

Then....on a certain date, he caught a train away from the city and waited for his mini nuclear time bombs to countdown to zero.

Sitting in a pub, on a hill, overlooking the state he could see the city in the distance on the horizon.

He raised his glass and watched as the light of a million suns beamed back at him from the city.

And with that, his mission was complete.

His vengeance was achieved, and all was put right once more in the world.

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Misleading title?
« Reply #1 on: November 11, 2019, 05:02:06 AM »
Hold on that's not what necromancers do? Fun story in any case :)

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Re: A piece of short fiction
« Reply #2 on: November 11, 2019, 06:52:41 AM »
Yeah... there were a few takeaways from that, but the biggest one was surely:  necromancer?


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