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Author Topic: Game of tanks, lowpoly lowcopy  (Read 84 times)

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Game of tanks, lowpoly lowcopy
« on: December 06, 2019, 08:42:38 PM »
Hi, i'm a player of World of tanks, and i love the dynamic of the gameplay of Wot., so, to learn, i decided to make my own game of tanks, just to play with the concept and put my own ideas.

the first stage, is have a game menu, and battle, and save data.

for the moment, i have tanks, data, crews, and very simple battle against IA.

my idea is make the logic of the game, and no spend time on graphics.

for the moment, i play a few battles, maibe go to be fun to play, maibeeeee.

i hope no disturb to WG lawyers :)

;! Game of tanks II 2019

; Completely separate the MENU from the DEPARTURE.


; tanks = to Wot
; level up and exp of tripu + dynamic% to the tank data.
; concept: that the game is always entertaining, varied, that is not always the same.

; Choose tank
; Choose type of battle
; Manage crews
; Manage tanks

; Starting result
; Map to choose what type of attack or defense mission we want to do.

;! Different types of tanks

; lightweight
; medium
; Heavy
; crew


; simple, friendly, poly, 2.5d
; Capture strategy, destroy base, destroy enemies
; Missions with strategic map, Carrier command style, bases are connected to each other, in order to have resources, if you cut lines of resources, it is not enough.

; Repair parts, (with time bar)


; the impacts are due to proximity
; Once it detects an impact, we can calculate with precision what kind of damage that impact would generate to a unit (It works separately) (only there calculates the polygonal collision)


; menu function and split function
; create game and delete it to return to the menu
; different types of tanks
; Dynamics, movements, camera, shots, tanks
; Obstacles
; IA
; Game - win lose.

;! Stage

; small sizes 1000x1000, max 10mil x 10mil


; units
; bases or sides (flags)
; Object of scenarios (Trees, houses, mountains)
; Pack_Combate (my combat pack for my games) (ammo, explotion, damage, rules)

; menu_tanks
; players data.
; Player crews

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Re: Game of tanks, lowpoly lowcopy
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2019, 06:52:21 AM »
Always loved full on tank battles since Command and Conquer ;D - Keep on with it and post updates on it's progress :)
Until the next time...