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Author Topic: tips to keep a (approximately) uniform texel size when modeling/UVmapping ?  (Read 476 times)

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can you share some tips to keep a (approximately) uniform texel size (without distortion/stretching) when modeling/UVmapping ?

what i do is that when i model the parts of a shape i always size them in a way that i know how i can draw the texture, so for triangles, squares, rectangles, cubes, cylinders, circles, or any others group of triangles which can be projected on a flat 2d space, this is easy, because i can size it in a way that i know the corresponding width/height on the texture, but for more complex shapes, there is often some distortion/stretching of some texels, and to prevent that, a simple solution is to increase the texel density, or to UVmap in several subparts... (to be able to project them on a flat 2d space)

here is what i mean by (approximately) uniform texel size :

any others tips ?

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