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Re: apk problem
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You know I agree with you in that 100% off sales are not the way to go  . I do actually like my maze games though. The first few games I did were rubbish though and must agree there . I will probably take them down sooner or later although somebody bought wingfighterz and cannot remove it from because they say it is owned . Takes a fair while to get good at this programming business. 16 months I've been at this now with AGK Classic . If I can keep learning I'm guessing in another 12 months  I will feel competent . will know a bit by then . It's a shame they don't do a coarse in mastering AGK Classic but there you go. I've never read any books on AGK and really don't know how I've got this far , but am very pleased with my progress. yes I have written the odd program in the past but that was 30 years ago or so and nothing like I'm doing now.
     Up until last Christmas I knew nothing about 3d programming so haven't been at this very long . The fact I have produced anything up to this point is a miracle for me . Really got to get this sorted though and then maybe when I have I will reinvent my self with a new website and highly polished apps on it with no rubbish and that site will be my business card . Really hope they don't pull the plug on AGK anytime soon and change the goal posts as I really like this language .
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