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Over the decades there has been many superb TV theme tunes. We all know the Airwolf, A-Team and Knight Rider ones but what's your favourite ones?

RULES : You are allowed to post two - Here are mine :

1.. Whiz Kids - Super awesome TV series way ahead of it's time. I think such a series would work well these days too. Really great theme tune and my personal favourite.

2.. MacGyver - Always loved this tune and it works so well as an action into.

God damn it! I have to break my own rules and allow for a optional 3rd place.

So here's my optional 3rd place of a really great theme tune. No more, I'm done, I'm outta here :P

3rd.. Black Beauty - A really superb crafted theme tune.

Sorry. Didn't see the rules

Just going to leave this here. Streethawk - otherwise known as "Le Parc" by Tangerine Dream.

This is a remixed version which sounds a bit clearer than some of the youtube original versions but you can probably find a decent copy of the original if you dig a bit further.

Oh yes Streethawk.... i loved this...mcgyver too, knight rider and there are so much other
Did you mean this -->

and i like ...



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