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Do you know NAALAA ?

Seems very very good for 2D games: about classic basic, easy interface, very little .EXE, very fast,

and no Direct X, no Open GL, but own graphical routines

Steve Elliott:
No, but I know it now - thanks.

I like project websites of programming languages with ... 0 words about the language (syntax, keywords, ...).

Or do my eyes just have skipped the important documentation/tutorial/guide-link?
And nope - I wont download an .msi (if I was running Windows) to find out about a language.


Steve Elliott:
lol yes, some up-front documentation would have been helpful!

I downloaded it on Linux, had a look at the example game code and compiled.  It runs quickly, all-be-it the demos and games run in a small window (640 X 480).  Very retro.

I used naalaa many years ago. It was pretty impressive for the time. I remember it had a mode-7 and raycaster libraries that were way faster than what BB or blitzmax could do. The java framebuffer was really fast back then.


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