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why upgrade to windows 10?

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The thing that stands out in this video is the spyware they installed (Telemetry). Well I like Windows but this is too much hassle, maybe I should just wait for a less bloated future Windows?

Sorry, I felt like venting a bit before I get a new windows (currently on win7).

So what tweaks did you make to win10? Did anybody find win8.1 better?

Should you use Windows 7 in 2019?

Steve Elliott:
It's in all American Operating Systems I'm sure.  The FBI won't let Apple get away with it either, because the idea is it combats terrorism (in the national interest).

That video also mentioned some plus points for Windows 10, like much better security and enabling the latest AAA games to run.

As for the in-built advertising tiles, those can be disabled.  One of the first things I did.

I think for spying a huge round of applause needs to go to Facebook. They've made millions of people freely add every aspect of their lives and then sold the data to "selected 3rd parties". Luckily I don't have a life and subsequently don't use Facebook :P

At one time you'd have a diary and write things in it and go mad if anyone else read it. These days you post even more thoughts and info on Facebook and get mad if others don't read it. Genius, pure genius!

Apple for example record every website I visit. I know this because my browsing history on my phone is the exact same as my iMac and the only way to do that is to upload the info to Apples servers and then download onto my iPhone.

It's just safe to assume that everything you do online is recorded and processed in one manner or the other. I think Windows will end up being totally free but Ad based and all this Windows 10 telemetry stuff is just the pre-test.

I'm waiting for the next big story about how VPN software also sends your data to xyz.

Steve Elliott:
Yep, you simply cannot escape the fact that we are all consumers that are to be sold by Facebook, Microsoft, Apple or Amazon (and other companies).  You're being very naive if you think you can use a computer linked online and not be subject to this behavior.

Just chill, or not go near a computer.  I quite like computers and the internet, so I'm quite willing to play the game.

Well I don't mind so much if I know what the purpose is, but your OS spying on you is kind of unsettling. I wonder if Linux has to do this as well now.

Yes, I know you can tweak win10 but I've never enjoyed configuring windows so it puts me off. I've decided to go with win 8.1 and see how it goes, should be less hassle.

Facebook doesn't share your private details with 3rd parties as far as I know. They put up a disclaimer about it a few years ago. I think it works well as a viral news feed. I try not to write anything though as text can be so easily misinterpreted. These days it's mostly a hang out for the older generation, young uns are on instagram and twitter, etc.


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