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Any thought on Godot??

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Rick Nasher:
What are you'll thoughts about the Godot engine?

At first glance it was looking pretty good to me, but when I ran the 3d platformer example I was less than impressed by the collision capabilities.

Now I don't know if this due to bad coding in this particular example or that it's just the way it is in it's current state.

Anybody here who gave it a try? Any thoughts?

Checkout my "Maze Raider" worklog.,4896.0.html

With 3.1 release of Godot especially my problem with hint typing should be solved. It improved in that area.


Rick Nasher:
Wow, didn't see that before Derron. Nice job.

However, when I tried that example I mentioned, I found that either the way the collision handling was coded is poor or.. it's the engine itself not handling (physics)collisions properly: character and limbs partially going through walls and stuff.

A bit hard to determine without doing some actual real code testing, however I do not feel like wasting time on something that's perhaps not worth it (yet), while my time is sparse and also have to focus on my new job.

I'm already in love with AGK, but some features like vehicle physics are not yet implemented and TGC are overhauling the IDE and moving towards Vulkan, which will all take a considerable amount of time, and then still have to keep fingers crossed they'll finally implement that stuff. That kind of uncertainty I'm not especially fond of.

So was wondering if anyone round here actually tried it and found it's crap, not feasible for now or that it's just a bad example?


With 3.1 they added some physics thing for moving objects (they use "slide"-function which handles a lot of physics for them). But yes, even in the new videos of 2D-slide-physics you see slight offsets of eg. "moving platform" and "unit".

Collision is always a compromise of the "hull complexity" you use for simplified checks. Make it too simple and you will move a bit into a wall during animation (foot crosses wall) and so on.

I would not skip Godot if your game idea is a "simple" one (so arcade games and the likes) as they benefit from the visual-creation process.


I gave it a brief look.
However, I'm satisfied with the Torque and 3d gamestudio engines. I also use Unity and Lumberyard for console output.  Taking on another engine is just too much work, and slows down progress on my current projects.


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