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AGK2 for under £5

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What do you guys make of this. AGK2 for less than £5.

Is this a genuine offer or rubbish.

Steve Elliott:
Rubbish.  You don't know what Virus you're going to be downloading too.  Just wait for the official AGK discount when it comes up next.

oh right I thought it looked too good to be true .I already have a purchased version I bought off steam . I was just thinking of newcomers who had a fiver to spare . I wonder if TGC know about this ? They might be getting ripped off unless it's official. It says you get a steam key. Hmm .

You're buying a Steam Key so as long as you're 100% sure that it links to the official AGK 2 then it'll be OK. If it doesn't link to author and developer as "The Game Creators" at this link then run for the hills.

yeah I really like to think it's ok but I wouldn't dare put my bank card details in there . I really hope someone tries it and it's good but I have my reservations . He who Dares wins. maybe.


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