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Author Topic: my time / energy spent making video games : rather useless, but sometimes useful  (Read 88 times)

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Hi, :)

Well, as you may know, i have spent a lot (too much) time / energy learning all the concepts and skills / tools to make video games (programming, drawing, modeling, rigging, skinning, animation, uvmaping, texturing, making sounds, using fonts, rendering 2D / 3D, loading/saving datas etc...) during the past (almost) 10years (!!!). And the return was really not worth it imo... unless you consider it as a hobby for the winter, but there are also others things to do...

But anyway, all that was not a waste of time / energy, since these days i use some of my programming knowledge to code for arduino, or to make usefull things in the real world.
For example, recently i have used Blitz3d to draw labels with text() and line(), also to automatically resize photos (for emails), also to debug an electric signal with colors (to identify patterns), also to replace some values in the properties of an electric signal, also to ouptut arduino lines of code using values that i had. So some of this knowledge / skills are sometimes useful in the real world, good, i appreciate it.

Anyway, that was a little rant. Good luck in your endeavors...
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I occupy a position in the business side of programming and the general option of game programmers in that arena is; "If they can program games, they can program anything"