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As I posted elsewhere on this forum I have taken it on myself to try and learn Python . Well I'm 2 days in and am struggling a bit . wish they had some decent documentation like AGK2 . What I need is a list of all the key words and commands with examples of how to use them . I'm only on my second day and was hoping to at least by able to open a graphics window or any window for that matter . I'll post back here when I make some progress. installed another module for it  called pygame . It's a module for game programming  that's 3 I've got so far . If anybody has any advice on where to start it'd be most welcome . I've read a few tutorials and am watching videos on you tube.

Python itself does not have that many "commands" you have to learn.

If you use libraries/modules then of course you need to learn their commands - and it depends on the module on how well they are documented.


Regarding pygame.... it took me not even a minute to google for it, find its website. Top menu.. getting started. And there tutorials.

Btw. google for w3schools and python. The damn internet is full of tutorials.

yes just gotta get used to the coding style . found some good stuff about pygame to get me started . This oop stuff is taking some getting used to. I will not give up . what I could really do with is some printed out example code to get the ball rolling.


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