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Was just wondering what you guys think. I've been using AGK2 for over a year now and it took me a couple of months to get into it . Just been playing around with Pure Basic this morning without much success and am thinking is it worth spending time on . In your opinions which is the better of the two? Is it much faster than AGK2 ?

I think I've came to my own conclusion. AGK2 seems much easier to program in my opinion . I've been thinking of learning a new language and have looked at a few and none of them seem as nice to use as AGK2 . So far looked at unity purebasic and python. Maybe I'm just used to what I'm currently using . I suppose if I'd been using purebasic for a year or so and tried AGK i'd have the same thoughts . Personally I find it very hard to learn a new computer language and so would like to make the right choice . What I really wanted was to learn a language which might point to some kind of employment such as Unity or Python. Although I really like AGK I don't think it's considered a professional language which is a shame as I really get on with it . Thoughts anyone. I'm rambling a bit today. Happy programming .

This site has what is probably the best languages to learn if you are looking for employment.

If you are looking for employment, you should specify the field you want to work in.
Web technology mostly requires html, javascript, css, php, sql, etc.  and knowledge of tools like angular, node, docker, etc.
Keep in mind that the coud is a big term these days, so definitely that would be my choice.

If you want to work in research, Python is well received there. Imho it is an awesome tool. But also capable creating awesome tools. Python can also be used for web stuff.

For the rest I would say C/C++

Thanks for the input. If I had to make a choice now I think by Others opinions it would probably be Python. Just doesn't seem too user friendly to me right now . Think I'll take another look at it . Bonjour . I'll keep you all posted on my progress and see how long it takes to write my first program . Decided pure basic is out of the running . Did take another look at it and it's not my thing. Can't seem to get anything to run on it. compiles then the computer crashes .


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