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Good morning fine people . I have a website setup with most of my games created in AGK classic . Feel free to take a look and see what I've created . I feel I've come a long way in the past 12 months . Still not brilliant but still enjoying it and hopefully at some point in the future will produce something pretty good . Here's a link to my site so you can see what I've been upto for the last year or so. Happy coding .
You'll have to paste it into the address bar or do a search for in google.
I am far from outgrowing AGK classic and so far it's been a great platform to work with . Have a fantastic day.

Just tried it and the above link works fine . I created this website for free using about a month ago and it's taken this long to be searchable on Google . I've  got another site on that hasn't become searchable yet but hopefully in the next week or two will be on Google.
  One thing I should point out is that my games aren't great yet but I put this down to my programming skills
and not AGKclassic  . Have a most excellent day.



Steve Elliott:

Hello Ron yes done all that ,verified my sites with google and bing and submitted site maps . Just got to wait I suppose . These things take time apparently . I actually got 5 downloads the other day so something is coming right . I don't think is the right place for Android games as haven't had a single Android download yet but there you go . I believe Amazon is free to publish so might take a look at that later . Tried Getjar but with no success as of yet . Where do you guys publish? Enjoy the weather Bonjour.


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