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Author Topic: Ancient Egyptian Hieroglphics Translator in BlitzMax  (Read 902 times)

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Ancient Egyptian Hieroglphics Translator in BlitzMax
« on: April 11, 2019, 05:06:35 PM »

Hieroglyphics Translator
An app like no other, it Translates Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics. You choose the glyphs to search for NOT codes and book references(BUT YOU CAN USE TRANSLITERATION IF YOU WANT) , you don't need to know more than what the glyph looks like to search for the words.
The app has very advanced search options to find things like the determative glyph(the subject of the word) , There are AND searches OR searches EXLUDE searches, multi-line searches, single glyph searches, multi-glyph etc..
you can search for word with glyphs missing like a crossword solver, you can search for glyphs in any order, eg the priests put referencies to a God in different order to normal.
The dictionary is the great Mark Vygus dictionary.
All data is in text format, so you can build your own personal dictionary or extent the ones included, you can find more free dictionaries online too and add.
This app is for any windows PC, or a full windows tablet like the surface pro, I added on screen buttons so you can use a surface pro in the field, and translate when your actualy visiting.


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