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This is a concept fork of Derrons' game 'Genus Prime'

What I liked the general concept of the strategy, the planets, etc and being able to send out things that you had no control over.

So here is a sort of thought-spam reworking looking at different aspects. feel free to comment, suggest, etc. the look it very basic as it is the game I would like to focus on.
So here is the first image

the big yellow thing is the sun - which always sits at the center.
the yellow marks are the population - this automatically increases
the wide grey outline is the limit of travel

I've removed the multiple selection, as it sort of complicates things. but in essence each planet has 4 core things: food, power, research, travel plus population

the population has a max, and wont grow beyond the max. my thought here was when the max was reached you then have a point/s you can add to one of the core things.

So the first step would be to pick your 'home planet'

if the population reaches max - and you gain a "point to spent" you have to consider the amount of population to "cut".
If you cut too few, a big planet (with big population max) will give you point after point (as it wont get conquered too fast).

I had "food" (or some kind of directly-required-by-population-thing too). So my thoughts on this: food defines how "wealthy" the population is. Once the food is not enough (empty - eg the population eats every X cycles/seconds) the people starve. Starving means: population decreases, loyality decreases and with loyalty decrease eg the "planetary defense" wont eg. refill slower / shoot less often / ...
So satisfying your population results in a higher moral, better fertility (starving people give a f*** to f***), better defense, ...
Also Research Point generation can be directly connected to the populations loyality (or "happiness"). In Genus Prime I planned a bit to have the RP production be connected to "free" population units. So if you have eg. 20 missile slots then only the "population - 20" amount of people can do research. This adds to every other "job" people on a planet could have.

But bare in mind that this adds kind of complexity which does not fit to a more or less fast paced "action strategy game". This is more for the "tinker, optimize, plan ahead, ..." type of games.

Same for upgraded ships (transporters, destroyers, ...).

PS: As I did not have the time to add asteroids or other "interstellar objects": hope you add such accidental events (asteroids striving planets to destroy them, decrease population - or at least move their position a bit).

PPS: I just had another cool idea - dunno how to implement it "control" wise - but it might be interesting if the planets actually rotate around the sun. This can be done in a slow paced way so that a mouse user still can easily catch up.
So why to do such a thing? Imagine that some planets rotate faster than others around the sun (really?!!?). This means that some planet's distances to other planets differs - and so sometimes a planet is in ship reach, and sometimes not.
This could add another strategy element.


food linked to population growth - good thought :)

I know that the 4 bases covered everything, but I just wasn't sure how it would all fit together...

yep, this sort of idea:

Overlapping planets (see orange and gray) might result in selection issues (if bigger planet is on top). So maybe keep it "top down" and the distance big enough to never collide ?

Exception is if it becomes a 3D game.



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