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AGK for Hyper Casual 2D/3D Games.


Yes, we have Unity, Unreal, Godot etc but they stink in my humble opinion when it comes to small, hyper casual game coding.

AGK, I know does not have all the bells and whistles that Unity or other Big name engines have, it is perfect though to get your casual games whether 2d/3d out into the wild.

Anybody who is looking for a 2d/3d solution that is lowcost and easy to use needs to check out AGK.

That's all. :)

Steve Elliott:
I agree, you can quickly get on-board with a familiar flavour of BASIC, with included functions for game making.

The language itself is a bit oldskool and verbose, but it gets the job done.

I agree, most engines are way too bloated for small lean indie projects where you want the best possible performance due to targeting HTML5, low end PC or mobile.
AGK requires a bit more work, but it is flexible enough for anything and the result can be optimized way better than in one of the clicketyclackers.

Naughty Alien:
..its unfinished..'supported' file formats doesnt work at all with very own commands AGK offers, or at least, not for all aspects advertised..physics is broken and unfinished..i have AGK, i like it but reality is roughly what i just has potential but it will be a bumpy road to push out something without hitting every now and then some fundamental block missing..

Steve Elliott:
Yes it's definitely limited for 3D, you're on your own a bit at times so you need to bypass the built-in functions and use the renderer with your own routines.  Although basic 3D is ok and for 2D it's a much better experience.


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