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Cerberus-X Android Native Interface



I have a simple app without graphics to write and don't fancy writing a whole GUI as well.

Is it possible to Interface with the native Android Interface from Cerberus-X?


Nope, C-X uses the mojo 2d framework to display graphics on the display - I do recall someone was working on a native wrapper for MX1 a while ago, but I doubt that is still in the works.

Looks like there is a GUI module available for C-X though (not native):

Rick Nasher:
Ever taken a look at Basic4Android (or B4X as it nowadays is called as it also supports iOS and few other platforms)?


It's great for rapid dev on android. Has a nice WYSIWYG designer and acces to more advanced features of android too:

Thanks guys, I'll take a look at both of those.


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