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In blitz basic, after detecting a carriage return (i.e. go north) , how'd you get the text entry field to go to the top....

think I found a resolution, this is easier syntactically than zxBasic... I think ;) Its been a while since using pure zxbasic....

Screen grab of code in action.... happy coding dayz ;)

strings,arrays,dims ... a bit daunting for me personally, I usually go with an over the top fantasy options menu for the most part when dealing with things such as this ... it requires some lateral thinking and pre management, but seem's function ok for the most part .... always with the unorthodox approach,totally my style. 8)


--- Quote ---strings,arrays,dims ... a bit daunting for me personally,
--- End quote ---

Yeah... grinding from array, to trying Object Oriented stuff (which was too much of a stretch, I like to design on a fag packet, or more to the point on an area inside my brain which equates to an area the size of a fag packet)

So using an array with a binary element to it to signify the N,S,E and W components worked best for me. Didn't helped at first that I was getting my easts and wests mixed up between rooms, thinking, whty the hell isn't this working!

Bugs are half the fun... or maybe not  :o 8) :D ;D


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