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Jack Deadly - 8 bit-wars comp entry

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I'm super busy and really shouldn't enter the 8 bit-wars comp... but how can I not?! I had an Amstrad CPC 464, the champion of the 8 bit computers!  ;)

One of my favorite games back then was Rick Dangerous 2, a classic try again platformer! So for the comp I've decided on doing my own take on it called "Jack Deadly".

I've started the graphics, first by copying the Amstrad version of Rick in 1x1 pixels which made him to really skinny, then I copied the Amiga version using the Amstrad colours... and now I've created Jack in the same style.

For the game screen resolution I'm going to use 320×200 since I'm using 1x1 pixels not the double width 2x1 for mode 0.

Steve Elliott:
Cool.  I was going to do a Rick Dangerous style game but changed my mind.

Looks excellent Therevills.   8)

I'm going for a platformer/shooter (c64) but more minimalist.

Rick Dangerous !!! I remember playing that game and being really bad at it but it was a really good game.

Good choice and good luck with it. Nice to see someone else isn't going with that Klinklair Klectrum thingy ;-)

Yes! Bonus voting points from me for choosing Rick Dangerous Jack Deadly. :)
One of my old time favorites. Best of luck for the project!


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