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3DzForMe's 8-bit wars comp entry - The Big Dark Adventure

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Game Title: The Big Dark Adventure
Download link:

The Big Dark Adventure Front End

Platform: WindowOS
Language: BlitzBasic
Emulated Platform: Spectrum 16K (Expanded to 48K with a wobbly RAM Pack .... for now Wobbly RAM pack removed, but still present in the current download)

Brief Info: Nearly 5 Hours Spent So far Getting Framework in place.... yeah, I know, coding skills from scratch a bit rusty.

Media Information: All home made, not that you will be able to tell  :P 

Apart from Speccy font and pallette from this forum - credited and commented in code for now. Might release the code as well if I can get around to cleaning it up.

The Game will be a hobbit esque adventure... but as the title suggests... a bit darker.

Was making some great progress, 1st bug spotted, got the title wrong.... back to the drawing board. :o

Okay... Now giving consideration to storing my 'rooms' into an array for easy access by the main game 'engine'. Although calling it an engine is slightly over egging the cake, clockwork orange might be more appropriate, maybe even a clockwork prune game engine.

Yeah, clockwork prune game engine it is - keeps you moving  :o


--- Quote ---Although calling it an engine is slightly over egging the cake
--- End quote ---
Call it engine, it's help motivate :) - I have a full on ZX Spectrum colour clash engine ;D - Well, more of a routine but engine sounds better :P

Spectrum Colour Clash Engine, cool  :D

I've upgraded the name of my game engine to the 'Plum Game Engine' TM.

Actually trying my hand at object oriented stuff with respect to room definitions, my brain hurts. Going to Adrenaline Alley in Corby to let it cool down!


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