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Author Topic: Code a game comp - 8-BIT WARS - Jan 25th to Mar 31st 2019  (Read 3560 times)

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Re: Code a game comp - 8-BIT WARS - Jan 25th to Mar 31st 2019
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I mentioned before that I am not a programmer but enjoy tinkering with basic. Simple games, although takes me a while, is about the best I can do. I prefer SDLBasic, RCBasic and QB64. I appreciate the offer of help I really do. I get a lot of help from the aforementioned forums, because quite frankly, I seem to need it. lol

I have used Game Maker 6 and 8, following tutorials mostly, and found it fun to use. Unfortunately, I cannot use GM studio as it will not run on my Linux machine, 6 and 8 do, but not studio... The program Enigma can load and create GM games but it is an effort at times.

In regards to being hard on myself... I do not think so. I know my skill levels and it didn't take me long to figure out that my efforts are nowhere near being able to reach the quality of games in this comp. I will agree that I am my own worst critic at times. But, when I saw the quality of the entries, criticism did not even enter into it. Those guys are 'good'....

The deadline was not a concern. I started my game some months back and finished it last week. When I heard that it was to be "8 bit style", I figured cool, colour palette change was all it needed. As I used to have an Amstrad CPC464 it was a "no brainer".

Do not get me wrong. I have no intention of giving away 'programming'. I may not be able to compete but I can still learn. This website has now been bookmarked and will be added to my already growing list of help sites.

May your journey be free of incident.

Live long and prosper.