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Author Topic: New Rig but which Monitor?  (Read 105 times)

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New Rig but which Monitor?
« on: January 07, 2019, 08:23:39 PM »
Hi there,

after 5 years working on an iMac (with Windows only - hang him ;D !) I've just ordered a new custom PC rig with a GTX2080/8GB (no Ti). The iMac is still a very good machine but I want to have some new features like M.2, a system I can repair/upgrade myself, a much better GFX card and so on... you know

But coming from an iMac with a built-in display I now need a new Monitor, too - larger than 27" would be nice. My current Late 2013 (14,2) display is really good and is my reference for a new display which should have at least the same specifications (afaik: 27" IPS, 60Hz, 12ms, Contrast 1000:1, 375 Candela, 109ppi, 2560x1440 WQHD resolution). It is so bright at 100% that I'm running it at only 50% brightness most of the time. However, the iMac didn't like my eCigarette and the airflow design unfortunately takes a lot of air along the display and has led to slight shadowing and strange "pixel outgrowths", only noticable on a white background but I hope this isn't a general problem :(

I didn't check the display market for ages and after having read a lot of test reports I have now the choice between three devices. I'm no excessive FPS gamer so I don't need a fancy 144fps TN gamer display like the Predator/Alienware stuff. I'm working a lot with Photoshop CC and have always many windows open at the same time. Favourite Games currently: Elite Dangerous, Everspace, Skyrim, Kerbal Space Program, Civilization V, and a lot of older titles like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory :D The display should be quiet and consume not too much power (perhaps 50-60 Watt max.) I think 60Hz or 75Hz is sufficient for my needs, it should have a good response time, I don't need Adaptive Sync and I didn't like the available G-Sync displays. A nice to have feature would be PIP or Split Screen (attach a laptop and display both at the same time).

Here are my candidates:

1) LG 38UC99-W, 38" 21:9 3840x1600 curved AH-IPS
2) LG 38Wk95C, 38" 21:9 3840x1600 curved AH-IPS (successor to 1) with Fake HDR, which seems to be the only difference)
3) LG 32UL950, 31.5" 16:9 3840x2160, Nano IPS

Here is a ready comparison of all three.

The GTX2080 should be able to serve them all properly. So which one would you prefer? Or is it a bad choice and you'd suggest a different one instead? I'm not stuck to LG, I once had a LG 17" display and it was ok back then - I've only compared the specifications and came to the clue that LG meets my needs. But perhaps I've missed other alternatives.
Kind regards

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