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View this as a fail safe in case our games don't sell millions. Also computer nerds can always benefit from a bit of physical work to compliment our sedentary lifestyles.

So N Alien was talking about his boat project a few months ago. The gist is : go to poor country and buy boat big enough to live in for £8000. Do it up then sell it. Profit.
Cool. So i was looking at home boat prices in the uk. my god. the going rate for a minimum size home boat is around £600,000 here. boats are gold, yet i never hear anyone talking about them. There's a few people at work with money to invest and all they talk about is houses. But boats look much better investments to me.

How much does it cost in money and time to refurb an old crate into a market penthouse?

I'll have £8k spare by the end of next year. But b4 I buy an old crate I'd like to spend time helping refurb boats. Whats my 1st step there? Just turn up at 'foreigner' drydock in the Philippines?

Princess M23, worth about £1,100,000!

Wonder if I can buy an old crate and with a couple of years hard graft turn it into one of these


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