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Author Topic: Blitzmax NG: List of Event IDs?  (Read 538 times)

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Blitzmax NG: List of Event IDs?
« on: December 02, 2018, 01:45:28 PM »
Is there a list of event labels (i.e. EVENT_MOUSEUP or similar) or ID numbers for NG? Thanks in advance,


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Re: Blitzmax NG: List of Event IDs?
« Reply #1 on: December 02, 2018, 02:24:03 PM »

you can find event labels from MaxIDE by double clicking 'Help / Modules / Events / Events'.

EVENT_APPSUSPEND     Application suspended
EVENT_APPRESUME            Application resumed
EVENT_APPTERMINATE    Application wants to terminate
EVENT_KEYDOWN            Key pressed. Event data contains keycode
EVENT_KEYUP              Key released. Event data contains keycode
EVENT_KEYCHAR      Key character. Event data contains unicode value
EVENT_MOUSEDOWN           Mouse button pressed. Event data contains mouse button code
EVENT_MOUSEUP            Mouse button released. Event data contains mouse button code
EVENT_MOUSEMOVE            Mouse moved. Event x and y contain mouse coordinates
EVENT_MOUSEWHEEL    Mouse wheel spun. Event data contains delta clicks
EVENT_MOUSEENTER    Mouse entered gadget area
EVENT_MOUSELEAVE    Mouse left gadget area
EVENT_TIMERTICK            Timer ticked. Event source contains timer object
EVENT_HOTKEYHIT           Hot key hit. Event data and mods contains hotkey keycode and modifier
EVENT_MENUACTION    Menu has been selected
EVENT_WINDOWMOVE    Window has been moved
EVENT_WINDOWSIZE    Window has been resized
EVENT_WINDOWCLOSE    Window close icon clicked
EVENT_WINDOWACTIVATE    Window activated
EVENT_WINDOWACCEPT    Drag and Drop operation was attempted
EVENT_GADGETACTION    Gadget state has been updated
EVENT_GADGETPAINT    A Canvas Gadget needs to be redrawn
EVENT_GADGETSELECT    A TreeView Node has been selected
EVENT_GADGETMENU    User has right clicked a TreeView Node or TextArea gadget
EVENT_GADGETOPEN         A TreeView Node has been expanded
EVENT_GADGETCLOSE    A TreeView Node has been collapsed
EVENT_GADGETDONE    An HTMLView has completed loading a page


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Re: Blitzmax NG: List of Event IDs?
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2018, 07:21:30 PM »
Code: BlitzMax
  1. Const EVENT_APPMASK:Int=$100
  2. Const EVENT_APPSUSPEND:Int=$101
  3. Const EVENT_APPRESUME:Int=$102
  4. Const EVENT_APPTERMINATE:Int=$103
  5. Const EVENT_APPOPENFILE:Int=$104
  6. Const EVENT_APPIDLE:Int=$105            'Reserved by Mark!
  7. Const EVENT_KEYMASK:Int=$200
  8. Const EVENT_KEYDOWN:Int=$201
  9. Const EVENT_KEYUP:Int=$202
  10. Const EVENT_KEYCHAR:Int=$203
  11. Const EVENT_KEYREPEAT:Int=$204
  12. Const EVENT_MOUSEMASK:Int=$400
  13. Const EVENT_MOUSEDOWN:Int=$401
  14. Const EVENT_MOUSEUP:Int=$402
  15. Const EVENT_MOUSEMOVE:Int=$403
  16. Const EVENT_MOUSEWHEEL:Int=$404
  17. Const EVENT_MOUSEENTER:Int=$405
  18. Const EVENT_MOUSELEAVE:Int=$406
  19. Const EVENT_TIMERMASK:Int=$800
  20. Const EVENT_TIMERTICK:Int=$801
  21. Const EVENT_HOTKEYMASK:Int=$1000
  22. Const EVENT_HOTKEYHIT:Int=$1001
  23. Const EVENT_GADGETMASK:Int=$2000
  24. Const EVENT_GADGETACTION:Int=$2001
  25. Const EVENT_GADGETPAINT:Int=$2002
  26. Const EVENT_GADGETSELECT:Int=$2003
  27. Const EVENT_GADGETMENU:Int=$2004
  28. Const EVENT_GADGETOPEN:Int=$2005
  29. Const EVENT_GADGETCLOSE:Int=$2006
  30. Const EVENT_GADGETDONE:Int=$2007
  32. Const EVENT_GADGETSHAPE:Int=$2009       'reserved by Mark!
  33. Const EVENT_WINDOWMASK:Int=$4000
  34. Const EVENT_WINDOWMOVE:Int=$4001
  35. Const EVENT_WINDOWSIZE:Int=$4002
  36. Const EVENT_WINDOWCLOSE:Int=$4003
  37. Const EVENT_WINDOWACTIVATE:Int=$4004
  38. Const EVENT_WINDOWACCEPT:Int=$4005
  39. Const EVENT_MENUMASK:Int=$8000
  40. Const EVENT_MENUACTION:Int=$8001
  41. Const EVENT_STREAMMASK:Int=$10000
  42. Const EVENT_STREAMEOF:Int=$10001
  43. Const EVENT_STREAMAVAIL:Int=$10002
  44. Const EVENT_PROCESSMASK:Int=$20000
  45. Const EVENT_PROCESSEXIT:Int=$20001
  46. Const EVENT_TOUCHMASK:Int=$40000
  47. Const EVENT_TOUCHDOWN:Int=$40001
  48. Const EVENT_TOUCHUP:Int=$40002
  49. Const EVENT_TOUCHMOVE:Int=$40003
  50. Const EVENT_MULTIGESTURE:Int=$80000
  51. Const EVENT_USEREVENTMASK:Int=$80000000

So there seems to be some more stuff (think of SDL and the touch-support).

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Re: Blitzmax NG: List of Event IDs?
« Reply #3 on: December 02, 2018, 08:15:59 PM »
thank you!
this will greatly benefit my project.

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Re: Blitzmax NG: List of Event IDs?
« Reply #4 on: December 02, 2018, 08:51:29 PM »
New event ID's in Derron's post might be working, but are still undocumented and might also be subject for change.

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