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Author Topic: Companion post to games that need to be rebooted  (Read 673 times)

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Companion post to games that need to be rebooted
« on: November 23, 2018, 03:04:01 AM »
A month ago in October, I started a thread about games that I would like to see a reboot for.  This is a companion Thread to that thread, the difference being that these games are ones that I find are terrible, what I thought I would like, but were disappointing, or what [url = //] DreamcastGuy[/url] calls "dumpster fires" or "games that suck". Ok here we go.

Ok, the first two games on my list, as far as I am concerned, we do not need another zombie based game as the field is overcrowded with the genre, and nothing can beat Resident Evil or the Last of Us any way.  Now to show my hypocrisy, I do plan on buying Days Gone, World War Z, Last of Us 2, more Resident Evil Games, and maybe the Dying Light series but I'm holding out on that one.

1. Zombi     : I am in agreement with most critics about this game.  It seems ridiculous that you can kill zombies more effectively with an bat than with a gun.  It is also slow. The
                    only thing I could praise about this game is that when your character dies, your character dies (much like in State of Decay series) I plan to adopt this technique in
                    games that I create.   I would like to see more weapon choices (much like what I seen in Dead Island) gameplay similar to that seen in The last of Us.

2. Amy        : Slightly better than Zombi. Though I really don't know how this game can be improved.  But I do like the idea that the guardian of the hero is infected.

3. Pool of Radiance   :  In my college days, I was heavily into RPG's.  In the early days of PC's, especially IBM's, you were either entitled to games like Ultima on the Apple II,
                                  Nintendo stlye games like Zelda, or turn-based games like this one.  I owned an C-64 and Tandy 100TL, and had a vendetta against Nintendo at this time in
                                  my life, the only two RPG's I own for my SNES are the 7th guest, and the Secret of Mana, both of which I enjoy) Turn-based being the only thing on the IBM
                                  computers, this wall all that was available until time progressed.  I would love to see this with modern graphics (3rd person, not isometric).  Plus, most games
                                  are single person, not party based.  The only ones that I could find are the DragonAge games.  Anybody know of any others?

4. 1886: The Order   :  Like most people, I agree that this game was too short, too many cinematics.  It could be improved by lots more gameplay, and play hours.

5. Tom Clancey's The Division :  I hate to say this, as I am a big Tom Clancy fan, but this game is too repetitive.  As I am a big RPG fan, more gameplay modes, more melee combat,
                                               some things about discovery, or investigations. The bullet sponge aspect didn't bother me as much, but maybe more realistic gameplay like in the
                                               game "I AM ALIVE" might improve this.  Plus, since most people compare this game to Destiny, I do enjoy Destiny more this one. (probably, because
                                               I am a sci-fi buff).  In the idea phase, I am working on a competitor game of which I'm calling "What The Division wanted to be".  Since I am one
                                               person, do not expect anything grandiose, and it is years into the future.

6. Devil's Third :  If this game came out for any other system other than the WiiU, it would be a total disaster.  With the WiiU being considered a failure, it is a shining star. The game
                          is so bad, its good. I call it my Vin Diesel sleeper.  Tighten up the graphics, and the game just might work.

7. Star Soldier (N64) :  This simple too understand. Too much stuff on the screen at once. Lower the enemy count, and maybe you would have a winner.
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Re: Companion post to games that need to be rebooted
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2018, 01:38:31 AM »
If you're a fan of Zombie games I would suggest project Zomboid. It's very tough but a lot of fun once you get the hang of it. I have yet to play a game that so accurately simulates a zombie apocalypse.
As for games that need to be rebooted? I'd pick Die by the sword.
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