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Author Topic: NG and XDK (Original XBox Development Kit)  (Read 493 times)

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NG and XDK (Original XBox Development Kit)
« on: January 29, 2019, 04:55:59 AM »
So, the other day i dug out the old XDK console from the attic (original xbox, not 360 or one) and i set it up on my WindowsXP rig.   I lost my discs but i managed to ""find"", after a few hours, some images of the XDK and install the necessary software to sync with the unit.  I installed Visual Studio 2003 Pro and i got to writing some basic things to run on the console, shortly.

Xbox utilized SDL and DirectX; Everything was written in C++ and later XNA.   Since NG compiles into C++, who would be interested in possibly getting Original Xbox support?  I managed to convince Brucey to toy with NX (Switch) support, and look what that got us!   Key difference is, the Xbox homebrew community is still readily active and vastly growing.  Having an "XBE" target would be awesome for NG.  Who agrees?

C++ is "okay" and all, but if we could write XBE apps in NG then just have them translate over, like they do for the other targets, into C++, development could be a lot quicker for Xbox. Not to mention, Xbox still has a lot of great possibilities still left in it.

Who's interested?  I have the 2nd latest XDK/toolchain AND the required make programs for XDK.  It's definitely possible.


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