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See attached image.

Idea I have for a community styled 'app store'.

Localised developers (per city) produce apps restricted by geographic location of developer.  Multiple app sites ie Melbourne might be one.

Users restricted by local region or at least can filter by zone.  Eg find all apps developed near your locality.

By tightening and reducing the size of regions can promote interactivity between communities of users and developers in same city/suburb across the globe.

Allow for greater communication between local developer groups and possibility of users meeting home town developers.

Like Google play etc but split by geographical location of developers and users.

Why should the "anonymity of users" (which most users in the WWW prefer - as it allows to "riskless" flame around or say "your game is shit!") want to use such a "local app store" (aunt lizzys app shop ;-))?

For developers you will use the developer corners of the WWW (coder forums, portals, ...).

As said: biggest problem for such an app store is the use-case for end-users not just developers/devgroups.



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