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Theory - audience/budget
« on: September 15, 2018, 11:28:42 PM »
Good Day again.

I had a thought and a theory about game development and the audience for games.

If we break games into categories by scale here's a set of ideas:

1. Big budget commercial game with team in the hundreds.
2. Medium big budget with team around a hundred
3.smaller team with investors
4.smaller team hobbyist
5.individual with paid contractors
6.individual with paid assets and good skill.
7.individual with above average skill
8.individual with low skill but paid assets
9.individual with low skill.
10. Young developer first game
11. Asset flipper

Each of these categories has a different market penetration.

The top with its advertising budget in the tens of millions appeals to the average joe or mary who calls themself a gamer.

The next few tiers appeal to gamers in the same way film viewers who like art house films.

The individual efforts appeal to other hobbyist devs.

The lower ranks might get a few plays from friends and family.

The asset flipper merely clutters up the stores.

How does that sound?