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Wrapping a program within Steam

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Anyone had experience with wrapping / compiling a project within Steam, is it pretty straightforward?

Edit, found this, pretty comprehensive:

Steve Elliott:
For more advice and perhaps some gotchas, therevills just ported a game to Steam.  Maybe he could comment?,4876.msg19234/topicseen.html#new

Thanks, his game looks awesome.

Not really anything to do if you dont want to... for Windows just create your exe and your assets, upload via the Steamworks application (a command line utility). Then you need to go thru the Steam checklist of creating all the media and page set up.

If you want you can add Steam achievements etc, but you will need to link to the Steam API in whatever language/engine you are using.

Oh, quite surprised its that straight forward. There was me thinking it could be a ballache.... well you live and learn - although I do tend to learn a little slower these days ;)


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