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Maze Raider - The aMAZEing code a game comp entry

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Kids in bed during noon so I had some hours to play.
Earlier this morning I already created some simple wall elements and painted some ground textures - pretty straight forward with texture painting in Blender and a digitizer pen. Most of the textures are most probably not visible in the scenes.

I tried out "godot" and most of the time I needed to look how to achieve certain effects (eg having a background image - used a "GUI control" for this, ahh yes). Also CPU utilization is rather heavy. 20% without lights, 50% of a core with just the lights visible in the video below.
The fire pillars are _very_ low poly and the fire particles itself are simple quads which get colorized gradiently. Zoom out and it looks a bit light fire. To create the "fire light"-effect I added a simple lamp to each fire pillar, set the fire particles to "not casting shadows" (else you would see rectangular-shadows floating around all over the surrounding tiles). Then I animated/keyframed the lights color over a period of 2 seconds (intensity + color). Each fire got a script attached which randomized position in the animation during start - so they all flicker a bit "differently".

So for now I need to say: godot has some similarities to Blender (which eases the whole animation-stuff) but some pretty hefty annoyancies (movement/scale/rotation shortcuts) also gdscript ... it's like Python ... is to get used to (as it is like Python - intentation dependend ;-)). Also filesize is pretty big (25mb for the runtime).
Let's see how that develops - or not.

Godot shot:

Blender shot (including a rather messy UV layout ;-) - I started all of them as simple place holders to get used to the digitizer pen)

Next steps (in some days) will be to try out how animations work: want to add some "traps" or spots at which mobs can spawn.
Most scripting is pretty "procedural" instead of the whole OOP I am used to. Also "auto completition" of the godot editor is ... non-existant if you instantiate objects ("var bla = tileWall.instance()") so if you do not know the commands you always need to google the documentations.


That looks really good, Derron. Are you going to create a worklog thread or just waiting until you come up with a game name first?

Steve Elliott:
Yep some good progress Derron - keep going!

--- Quote ---so I _just need to make it addictive *shrug*

--- End quote ---

I find that a very weird statement *all* games should be addictive.  You disagree?  Why are you shrugging?  A simple or complex game - it doesn't matter!  All games should be addictive, or they're not good games!

A complex game that is no fun is far worse than a simple game that keeps you coming back for 'just one more play'.

Of course games should be addictive - but sometimes I think certain game mechanics "aren't". Especially if you play things during development you might loose some "addiction" as you eg. know how to handle enemies the right way. So you do not need to figure out how stuff works to reach perfect highscores. To avoid this you need "AI" which surprises you here and there. But a tough AI is more than just "rather complex". It is a pretty big task.

@ Qube
Feel free to moderate and put the posts about my "wip" into a new thread (maybe, call it "Competition entry: Maze Raider" and I could adjust the title later on). That would keep the thread a bit cleaner.


Done :)


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