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Cerberus X v2018-09-10 released


Hi folks,

here is the newest release of Cerberus X.

The biggest changes are the OSX and IOS part for the AGK target and the newest Gradle tools for the Android platform.These are the notes from the change log:

FIX: [GLFW.ANGLE] Added z coordinate to mouse button events.
NEW: [GLFW.ANGLE] Added mousewheel event.
NEW: [AGK] Added support for AppGameKit OSX 64bit Desktop and the iOS platform.
FIX: [IOS] When you build and run, the iOS Simulator opens up again and the app will be installed and run.
MOD: [ANDROID] Updated to latest Gradle build tools and SDK
NEW: [mojo] Added SetColor:Int(rgb:Int) command so you can use hex color rgb values.
MOD: [mojo/mojo2] Added debugging log if loading an image failed.
FIX: [AGK/AGK_IOS] Fixed media folder being deleted evey other compile run.
FIX: [AGK/AGK_IOS] Fixed AGKBuildTarget creating an unusable native function.
FIX: [example] Changed server to in the mak/httprequest example.


Steve Elliott:
Congratulations Mike.

Yep. brilliant news :)

Are you going to address ios/macos and metal?

No plans atm. about it, but most likely implementing a rendering lib that supports it already.

This constant chasing of SDK changes on Android and IOS/OSX is really taking to much time for a one man shop. I can understand that people drop support for these platforms left and right.


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