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Maybe a new game future language?

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This just came into view:

to cut a story short:
BlenderGameEngine is dead and replaced with Armory3D which looks (visually) similar to Unity and Unreal render engines.
Kha is the base code that powers Armory3D and is completely cross platform, compiles to directX12, metal, OpenGL, every platform you can think of!

It also comes with it's own IDE which is a variant of MS Code. So the editor itself looks gorgeous and is fully open source, with inteliisense, etc.

It's still early days, but this look somewhat promising - especially for those who want the latest tech and support and have given up with Blitz, Max and Monkey, etc

Lol... just watched the armory3D-"intro tutorial" on blendernation while you posted it - and it looked like "Haxe" (which I tried some evenings but run into some puddles of trouble here and there).

And "Haxe" always reminded me at "Flash"  with all its stages, directors, ... .


Kha seems interesting.  If it was a self contained thing, it would be a really attractive.  When you look into it deeper there are a lot of WTF's like it's dependence on javascript/nodejs etc.
Ultimately, in the deeper view,  it a fragile collection of different tools built on top of another fragile build-chain (haxe). 
I hope it gets more mature and popular in the future. choice is good.

Naughty Alien:
..this is very interesting..ill give it a go and test on consoles as i have them..

Look likes another gas station. Too bad.
Isn't it close to Monkey philosophy (-> create files that have to be compiled natively)?


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