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Rick Nasher:
It's official: I hate most of the 3d programs available to my disposal for I think they are counter intuitive and I need to rtfm the s out of it before can actually perform an (in essence) simple, standard manipulation.

Couple of years back I made a building model in SketchUp, which worked like a breeze: Just 5hrs work and pretty much copied the in- and outside of a building. Pretty good for a first tryout and to be used in Blitz3d. Of course SketchUp is a bit of an odd duck so via a painstaking procedure in several steps and diverse apps, I finally managed to end up with 3DS, X and B3D formats + 15 or so textures to go with it.

Now I've switched to AGK I want to use it in there, but I'll need to merge all the textures used in the model into 1 single texture for X format. For this I've used Blender 2.79 to import the model directly from SketchUp, but that gave some distorted tris so I had to resort to 3DS as source.

However, auto-unwrapping all the textures and then to combining them into one didn't prove so easy either using Blender as not all tutorials I've seen(sofar) are covering all of the subject or do not work for this version.
I've managed to do it 1x,  but tiled textures are now not tiled at all but stretched over.  :(

Pff can't believe this has to be so much of an hassle still in this day and age..   ::)

Naughty Alien:
..i have had same problem some time back..yes..thats the main reason why i have invested in to 3dsmax and i can tell you that, i never regretted that..export to anything under the sun and it just works with tons of tutorials and scripts for whatever you could think of..

@ Blender

Let all the different models use the same image texture and assign a different uv area (means you open up the UV editor and move the selected object vertices at the position of your choice).
To merge the texture images:
- bake a new texture in Blender (select all needed models, "ctrl + j" to join them to one model and also add all UVs into one stack, then bake as a new least it should work that way)

Edit: others describe it very similar:

Dunno about merging etc (saw it in a tutorial some months ago) tough as I already create models in Blender and not "outside". But for "baking" there is a really cool addon to even auto bake in stuff like "wear off":
(excuse as this might be a bit offtopic)

Another alternative is the more manual one: open all textures in your image editing programme, merge them manually and save as new texture. Then in Blender you assign this new image as texture for each model - and in the "UV editor" you move the vertices to their position. You could also "ctrl + j" join them if you really need them as one single model.

As I am using Blender for about 15 years now (2.3x) and from then on 3dsmax was no longer an option for me (- last 3ds Max I really used was R4 under DOS - Windows variants, hmm were not really mine and got only "tried out". Of course price tag was what counted the most).


Rick Nasher:
@Naughty Alien:
I really get that. Way back I used to have a 3DSMax (2009 I believe) with all the bells and whistles, but then never really made full use of it. Worked pretty good though. I believe it is what the major studio's use so there must be something good about it. But pretty expensive indeed. I doubt if newer versions would even run on my aging rig too.
Only thing Blender's got going for it is that it's free and apparently if you're willing to be persistent and bite your tongue you'll get something done.  :-\

It's not really 2 objects I want to join. It's a building. Basically one huge object, that contains different textures all over the place for roofing, ceilings, carpet, walls(marble in some areas), doors, direction signs on the wall and outside some pavement textures etc.

Blender's window splitting and placement really drives me nuts too. I hate it when developers do not use the build in OS GUI stuff for that would really make things so much easier to get used to. For the same reason I hate Adobe SW where every time they try to reinvent the wheel with their own UI elements. Might be easier for them to maintain cross platform, but imho it just sucks for takes up more resources then necessary and also makes it less intuitive.
Enough ranting. lol

I'll try the texture tools, that might just come in handy, many thanks for that hint.

Naughty Alien: of the things i really like about 3dsmax is , it really feels like an engineering tool..user interface and all is somehow tailored like that and it feels right 'at home' for people inclined on to 'engineering' side of things, which programmers are..i tried blender and i just couldnt get my head around user interface for example which is why i just dropped it after i realized im fighting user interface instead of creating some stuff..


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