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Cerberus X v2018-05-24 for Linux released!

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Hi folks,

our user dawlane has created a Linux release under Linux Mint 18.3. Here you go:


Thanks for the release.

Why isn't the IDE using native file dialogues?

-> icons are "custom"
-> buttons are not properly aligned (or in other words: the height of the widget differs.

The native "gtk dialogue" in Geany eg. looks like this on my computer:

As you see it offers some more features (favorites, clickable directories - GTK BlitzMax IDE does use that too).

Edit: forgot that it uses QT - so I checked another QT app which also had this ugly icons, a pity.

Another tiny suggestion: why not (optionally) integrating the "server" into the editor/IDE? Saves another open application.


Thanks for your questions/suggestions/complains and I will give them further to our department of complain to see if they can find someone to answer these.  ;D

Ok, seems my edit and your reply were done in nearly the same time - so you might not be aware of it ;-)

Think it is an issue with QT (as my XFCE Mint installation is more a GTK-oriented distro).

Nonetheless I have another suggestion:
Allow font weight adjustments to the syntax highlights, not just color (in other words: allow "bold" and "italics")

Comparison of "Cerberus" and "Geany" (with custom script for BlitzMax support)

Ah, and another one: you allow setting up a BlitzMax path - and when opening a .bmx file it is properly compileable. BUT: the file-open dialogue only shows .bmx files when using the "*.*"-dropdown entry. Maybe add a "BlitzMax *.bmx" entry too - or append it to the default file-extension-entry.
Also: when you opened a .bmx file the header-dropdown for the build options correctly sets itself to "BlitzMax App" but there is no selection for "release / debug / gui / console / threaded" ...


My two pence worth.

After using many other GUI frameworks, Qt is by far in my opinion, the best framework for writing cross platform GUI. Linux users should be well used to having to deal with applications that use a number of different GUI frameworks and non consistent icons and widget sets. All that should matter to someone writing cross platform is that it works and has a consistent user interface cross all the platforms.

BlitzMax support should be removed as that's a hangover from Mark using it; he may have been playing with the idea of using it for both Monkey and BlitzMax, or using it just to write the MonkeyX support applications for Monkey, which the BlitzMax versions of the code should no longer be needed. If anything; any support applications should be written in either C/C++ or Cerberus-X code.

When it comes to BlitzMax. I for one, am not prepared to use a defunct third-party application who's cross platform capabilities were becoming a bit of a joke with the lack of Linux support. My hat comes off to Brucey for trying to keep it alive, but building from source can be too much of a pain with the number of times I've seen it break or fail to build code.

Integrating the server as part of the IDE may sound like a good idea, until someone else writes another IDE or uses Jungle. So the server has to remain as a separate application. Though it should be possible to add full web support to the IDE for the HTML target, but that would throw up a few problems with Linux and the the current version of Qt that comes as standard with any Long Term Support distributions. You could rewrite the IDE to be able to compile with the latest version of Qt and distribute it as either a SNAPS or an AppImage file, but each of these has their pros and cons.

Well that this is one of those things that really needs to be added.


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