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Author Topic: (very) short fiction  (Read 488 times)

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(very) short fiction
« on: April 15, 2018, 10:06:45 PM »
Good Day folks...wrote some extremely short fiction on my private online journal this morning...reflection of a few ideas in my consciousness as well as a bit of a sci fi theme.....felt like sharing it...so enjoy, the title is "Help Not Available At This Time"...

"Help Not Available At This Time"

Computer - I need help, really I do.

"Sorry Dave, Help Not Available At This Time".

Dammit! I'm floating here, unattached, disembodied, systems are holding for now but won't hold forever.  Enemy vessels are not in sight but they may not be far away.

Computer - Check for any friendly vessels in a broad radius.

"Sorry Dave, Help Not Available At This Time".

Fuck. Computer is on the fritz too.

It's black out the window, as to be expected, nothing out here, the faint light from a million stars barely illuminating the cabin.

Oxygen levels should hold for a few weeks as long as the recycling unit stays active.  Battery power for a while longer.  It's more likely I'll die from starvation than run out of oxygen - never thought to stock food in this tiny vessel for any extended time.

Someone may pass by, a friendly ship - yeah right! Out here?  Not likely.

So what are my options?

Drift, starve, get spotted by enemy and shot down or captured and tortured.

At least the view is pretty.

Computer - bring up some Mozart, something appropriate, thanks.

"I can do that Dave.  Playing Mozart's Moonlight Sonata."

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Re: (very) short fiction
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2018, 12:12:27 AM »
From cpu sugestion 1: “Make a hand of words, a strong hand, a helping hand, a friendly hand, a hand to hold, a hand to touch your elbow in times of need, a hand that’s dextrous, a knowing hand, a hand that’s there forever regardless of light or dark, a hand to hide behind, a hand to lead the way.”
From cpu sugestion 2: “Make a world of words, a world that nourishes, a word that inspires” etc, etc. Have fun cps