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modern compilers are becoming schizophrenic


As proof that the unnecessary complexity of c++ is just getting worse...
I left one parameter out of a function call and got 548 errors reported in the inline header file that the function is defined in, and not even at the function call itself  8)

The errors are coming from the compiler, not the language.  Might want to try a different compiler and see if it can do a better job of catching and reporting the errors.

Also, C++ hasn't gotten any worse.  If anything, it has improved a bit.  Still too low level and complex for quick development, though.  I still think BlitzMax rules as a language.

I agree it's the compiler spitting out the errors, hence the title. I'm using Visual Studio 2017 Pro ::)

BlitzMax is one of the best ( but it can't do everything ) and I love what Brucey is doing with it.

--- Quote ---Still too low level and complex for quick development, though.
--- End quote ---
It depends on what you're doing.
I rarely write games therefore the things I do generally take longer if I want to use BlitzMax.

It's a tool to get a certain job done :)


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